Conflict, Unconscious Reference Sketch of Mind and Communication

Mr Alekha Sachidananda Nayak, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Central University of Haryana,


This article discusses how the unconsciousness human mind is the root cause of most of the conflicts and how our unconsciousness tends other to create conflict among us to satisfy their interest. To analyse the way how a conscious understanding and conscious communication could be a master key for the solution of all individual and universal conflicts; is the aim of this article.  

Keyword: Conflict, Communication, Competition, Unconscious, reference sketch of mind, power


Division, multiplicity, diversity helps to express the infinite possibilities of the universal reality. But most of the time little differences became the prime cause of the conflict. Does only difference of opinion, interest or goal leads to a conflict? Or conflicts are the outcomes of our misunderstandings? It can be said lack of communication leads to misunderstanding and then conflict. Sometimes people organise conflict because they want to take advantages of conflicts. So, it may be a question, how a third party is able to create conflict among other two people without taking their permission? In Spite of long meeting and peace process among two nations, two parties, two people they are unable to resolve a particular conflict. Though both of the two groups know that peace should be the ultimate solution to any conflict but then also they unable to draw any conclusion.

Mind: The playground of conflict

 A narrow thought and an addicted mind (addicted to one state of mind, position and perception) are unable to expand its own vision and unable to stop being addicted because they are habituated (to a condition or idea, perception or practice ) and have fear of discomfort or uncertain consequences of changes.


All the time an individual communicates either with themselves or with any other living or non-living entity.  During these communications mostly the mind develops a sketch of its own perception of itself or about other person or topic. Based on that sketch mind develop programs for our all the activities like how to take a decision or how to behave with different people. Sometimes this sketch becomes so concrete, that it does not change easily in future. “The Kammic impressions keep getting accumulated during the lifetime of the individual till the individual finally dies.”(King.2018)) Permanent sketch (or Perception) may develop gradually by long interaction with the external world or due to a quick and strong experience of life. “An experience in the sense-plane sinks down into the depths of the subconscious mind (Chitta) and becomes there a ‘Samskara’ (impression). A Samskara of an experience is formed or developed in the Chitta at the very moment that the mind is experiencing something.” (Sivananda) Further, during any communication or in day to day life of a person these sketches become a reference point to take any decision. It influences the likes and dislikes, what to accept or what to reject, where to invest brain, time, wealth or any kind of resources. Everything is determined by the sketch made by the mind.       


For example, as in the story of “The Elephant and Rope”   when elephants were a little one, the trainer used to tie them with a rope. As they grow up, It was obvious that the elephants could, at any time, break away from the ropes they were tied to but they did not. The elephants were conditioned to believe that it cannot break away. The elephants believed the rope can still hold them, so elephant cannot able to think that they could go to the jungle and move freely. (Valli. 2016) In fact, the significant truth is all these things happens in the subconscious brain.  It means an individual intentionally do not draw any reference sketch (perception) based on own observation or any external training. It is also true that consciously based on these sketches they do not think and act in the society. Mostly it happens unconsciously, automatically or mechanically. Therefore most of the people unable to notice and control this process. Due to this, people unconsciously like an idea, an individual, a group or a religious practice. If anyone goes against this they are considered as a different person, believer, outsider or may be an enemy.         


As this process happens mechanically and unconsciously, so most of the time people unconsciously take decisions. They unconsciously engage their logical power and intelligence to establish own thought or perception, therefore they do not get a scope to understand other possible angels of reality. This state of mind may have a little scope of understanding alternate ideas or perceptions. This creates differences between opinion, goal and perception. This rigidity of differences becomes the root cause of conflict. It can be said, this unconscious mind is the playground for all the personal and global conflict.


Mind Unconsciously Mechanically Develop reference sketch and program of action based on observation

Different in Observation Develop differently Reference sketch and program In mind

Due to different reference sketch and program of mind, two people act differently

Differences are the  potential source ofconflict

Fig: 1 Unconscious reference sketch and program and conflict

  Unconscious mind paralyses communication to resolve conflict   

 “Neuroscientists have shown that the conscious mind provides 5% or less of our cognitive (conscious) activity during the day – and 5% they say is for the more aware people, many people operate at just 1% consciousness.”(Anando) People are mostly unconscious about own thought process other possible angels and for every activity, they are guided by mechanically evolved sketch or the mental guide map. This is the perfect reason for any conflict. In this condition all the form of communication like interaction, discussion, debate, meeting becomes less meaningful for mutual understanding. Without self-control, we act as per our own pre-existing mental interface or program. Due to which any during communication they miss every opportunity to visualize, imagine or take the advantages to understand different views.

This is the reason why people unable to draw any healthy conclusion during community discussion or television debate. This is the important reason for all unsuccessful personal or political meetings. In Spite of long peace process conflict between nations or groups remain unresolved.     

Conflict and its causes

Unconsciously developed programs of action in  mind  greatly influence every individual, social, political aspects of human society.” it seems the unconscious mind is running us on its automatic pilot mode, 95% of the time!”(Anando) As an individual or a group of individuals behave or interact according to their previous perception of mind and if two group have opposite perception then there is a chance of conflict. This phenomenon is the root cause of almost every individual and social problem. Due to this, we do not understand our own people, family member, friend or colleague or a new stranger. This leads to the interpersonal, social, national and international conflict. ” Most cultural clashes happen on the internal unconscious level — on the instinctual level where the parties involved are not even conscious of why they feel and react the way they do.” (Law.1993:9,10)


As this phenomenon not only provide ground to any conflict but it also able to support conflict for a long period of time. For example, if there are conflicts between two nations or religious group, then with the passing of time with every incident, people of different grope use their intellectual power and other resources to justify and maintain the difference. This is also responsible to create a secondary or sister conflict of a primary conflict. For example, political conflict has connection with religious conflict, area conflict, cultural conflict etc. Most of the conflict of the world may be because of the rigid  program of mind. “In psychology, rigidity refers to an obstinate inability to yield or a refusal to appreciate another person’s viewpoint or emotions” (CTI Reviews.2016)


Naturally, when people unknown or unable to understand other, there is a chance of conflict. Sometimes people intentionally made all the arrangement for conflict. So that they can fulfil own interest.          

Organized conflict

There are thousands of ways in which people take the advantages to fulfil their own interest. Some people also take advantages of conflict. Therefore they like conflict, create conflict and always try to maintain a conflict. There are two levels of mind who facilitate conflict in individual social life.

Conflict and duality ignite the fire and prevents to think beyond the present condition. But there be said some conflict creator who takes advantages of conflicts. They are the people who put their tent to start their business in a rally or protest. They sale weapon in war. In this world always there are some people who can find the business within a conflict. “Civil wars also provide significant opportunities for “conflict entrepreneurs” to profit from the conflict thereby making them reluctant to see it end”(Brahm)


 In the category one conflict creator are maybe like any ordinary person or group. They are unconsciously mechanically developing their own mental sketch or program to create conflict and take advantages of it. This types of people are seen in every field and at very level. They use the concept of duality and division. They want opposition, differences, division based on positive and negative, good or evil, national and international, our or their, to satisfy their own interest. For example, they take the name of caste, religion, geographical location, common history, lifestyle, economic status, colour to project the difference among the groups. These differences help them to create and maintain conflict and take their own advantages. Their prime job is to use every human and mechanical resource to maintain differences or boundary line so that they can use this difference at any moment for own interest. These minds become habituated with these types of conflict making program hence, they unconsciously do it as their own profession. Other peoples also use them to create conflict and satisfy their own needs. These peoples are so addicted that they are engaged in conflict not only for bread and butter but for self-gratification.


Own mind Unconsciously Mechanically Develops Reference sketch and program for conflict

By communication they induce opposite rigid Reference sketch and program In the minds of others.

Due to different reference sketch and program of mind, two people act differently

Differences are the  potential source of conflict

   Fig: 2 Category one conflict creator

 Type two conflict creators are smart enough to use others unconscious mechanical mind for their own interest.  As most of the peoples are guided by unconsciously developed and maintained sketch or programmes of the mind and these programs are unconsciously influenced based on external stimuli, so type two conflict creator take its advantages. They also use category one conflict creator for own interest.


They know if people get divided they will be benefited of unanimous and blind support of a particular group. A leader of a small or big group uses the same tool get public support. They polarize people by emotional speech attractive word like humanity, secular, democracy, nation, religion etc. They try to activate a particular type of sketch in people’s mind, which help them to get connected and act as a group.


Their objective is to develop and maintain solid boundary and difference among people and groups. Now a question arises, how they do this? As per the needs and level, they  choose the best communication mechanism to give external stimuli. Through influential message they able to develop solid rigid program or sketch in other’s mind. Rigid program means rigid perception, an angle of thinking and imagination which could not be easily altered or manipulated. This will make an individual blind enough to see or visualise other’s perception rather than own. Conflict creator at the personal level use oral communication in the office, tea stale or in dinner table and at a social level, they communicate during religious activities, marriage, festival and in a national level they use mass media, rally to a maintain rigidity of unconscious programs of people’s mind. At all level, these people use different communication mechanism to maintain the rigidity of mental program or sketch. The rigid difference is the best plot for any conflict.  


So intensely they take the advantages of this phenomenon to create conflict and divide people to satisfy own interest in various level and in various kinds. Opportunist people use every occasion, incident or event to enhance the rigidity of others mind. If there is no suitable event to develop differences between groups of people they intentionally create event or issues for conflict. For example, some political leader creates or support communal conflict among the mass. They give fund to religious, class-based, ideology-based group or association so that they can shape the platform for conflict as per their own requirement.


Consciously Develop rigid Reference sketch and program for conflict  in other Mind

Use all possible communication tools and every event to induce opposite rigid sketch and program In another mind.

Intensely mentioned  different reference sketch and program of mind in other

Conflict created to fulfil own interest

 Fig: 3 Category two conflict creator

 Conscious communicator

There are also some people who unconsciously induce rigidity of reference sketch and programs of other minds not to create a conflict. They do this due to their addiction to their own rigid mind to protect own perceptions. They do so to protect the unwanted threat of change, disintegration of unity, external threat, fear of invasion etc. This type of people also uses communication tools to influence others mind so they could develop unity and maintain sociocultural practice generation after generation. Due to this, people of one culture unable to think the emotion of belief system of others. 


Conscious About own reference sketch and programs in Mind

Open to all possible communication, angle and perceptions

Able to identify negative intention in the message of conflict creator

Open to innovation and new possibility rather than competition and conflict

Fig:4 Conscious communicator

“Conflict reveals problems and encourages those problems to be dealt with. Whether they are dealt with constructively or destructively depends on how the conflict is handled.”(Brahm.2017) Unconscious mechanisms of the human mind may be a tool (or reason or cause) for conflict. There is a scope of conflict in diversity or differences. But an understanding of own unconsciousness and effort to become conscious may give a solution to all most all the conflicts of this world. Our alertness and openness to all possible diversity may give us more opportunity to understand the world in more ways.

Conscious Communication helps us to identify the messages coming from the people who want to create conflict. A conscious brain conscious about owns and others unconscious and mechanical nature of mind. Therefore they open to every possible angle of a message. They able to detect intention behind any external message. They can protect themselves intentionally created conflicts. They can understand political exaggeration of any issues or event.

Competition, conflict and innovation   

“Conflict is often driven by a sense of grievance, be it scarcity, inequality, cultural or moral differences, or the distribution of power.”(Brahm.2017) The human being fast demand for basic need then equality then tray to gain the power to dominant over other. It is a process in which one wants to climb from own miserable condition to power and dominance. Equality may be ideal but commonly people don’t want to stay in that position. People try to acquire more and more power and resources and try to secure own status. This leads to developing instinct with in people to protect own position and to acquire others interest. People compete with each other to achieve the goal.” competition is bad; that it pits one person against another and is therefore divisive; that it leads to enmity between people and therefore to a lack of cooperation and eventual ineffectualness.’’(Gallwey.2015:115,116)


 Competition is the not the way to distribute the wealth, respect and position. This is an old and faulty way to distribute the resources. It originates so many problems like conflict. For example in early days to marry a girl two people used to fight each other or even one has to kill other to get that girl. There was no scope for finding different options. People should open their mind to get different options. There are thousands and billions of way to get satisfied and fulfil the basic need. In human civilisation for long period of time psychologically people were addicted or trapped to competition. Today also human mind think everything through the glass of competition. Competition between nation, society, groups or between two people to fulfil own objective.  If there are limited resources instead of searching new opportunity the engage in competition. Man waste own time and resources in competition and conflict instead of searching new innovation. Due to rigid sketch or programme of mind man unable to thinks beyond competitions. Unluckily our society and social institution train people for competition instead of an infinite possibility.


Differences may be a cause for conflict but different opinions, perceptions, needs, levels of understanding all are the beauty of evolution. It stimulates human brain to think and work.

Due to mass engaging issues, people get divided based on religion, ethnic group, humanity.  Directly and indirectly, people are in the game of power. There are some major imbalances or conflicts in the society are in the process to become balance and solved. But present human beings are not involving themselves to work on minimizing imbalance, rectify own mistakes and complete the major process of evolution.  Example it’s not difficult for one person to reveal about own the black money out another person able to accept own mistake. Though everyone knows that there is no difference between caste, religion and nationality but it is not so easy for anyone to accept it practically. This is because of their immaturity rigid sketch of mind. Few people take the advantages unconsciousness of mind, major imbalances, mistakes in society to make other people confuse, engage in conflict, competition, make them emotional, divided. So one should think how consciously he/she can protect himself from the game of other possible angels and how to protect all the tools of communication to get misused to develop a platform of conflict.



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